Import and Export of Products with OpenCart
If you build a store containing thousands of items, adding products one by one can be a lengthy process. You can use an Export / Import tool that allows you to export all your product data to an Excel file, edit it, and then import it back into the O
Website and Mobile Version Speed Optimization with PageSpeed Insights
PageSpeed ​​Insights (PSI) reports the page performance for both mobile and management devices and offers suggestions for this page. The PSI analyzes the content of the page on the website, followed by suggestions for accelerating work. The PSI pro
Mobile application for a hotel
Developing a mobile app is an investment that saves much of the ad budget in the long run. Installing such an application leads to generating direct traffic to the hotel's site. The hotel serves a complex of clients' needs such as accommodatio
ERP software
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a multi-functional information system that uses an integrated set of programming modules that support core business processes within a company. The ERP system is responsible for planning and managing all resource
CRM system
The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is an applied software for organizations and businesses that manages interaction with current and future clients by understanding their individual needs. This software automates the sales, marketing,
Website for a hotel
Do you have a hotel, guesthouse, motel, villa, hostel or hotel chain and are you ready to welcome guests from home and abroad? In order to find you most easily from all over the world and at any time in the vast Internet space you need a website.
Website for business presentation
Owning a corporate website has long been seen as something modern, and in today's market conditions it is now a must-have part of the successful business presentation in the web. Your website is not only a means of communication between you and your
Mobile app development
Mobile applications are specifically designed for portable devices such as mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, and more. and can be downloaded to a mobile device by the specialized mobile operating system market. The mobile app is suited to any ty
Development of a mobile version of a website
Mobile phones are an integral part of our daily lives. According to data from mobile operators, the number of active mobile users in the network in Bulgaria is over 230 000. According to statistics, half of the visits to Bulgarian websites are made b
Website development
People are constantly searching for information on the Internet about everything that surrounds them. Nowadays, over 2 billion people use the World Wide Web to sell, buy, study, plan and communicate. In simple terms, the website is a “spot in a web”.