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Online store development

We develop modern, reliable and functional ecommerce websites.

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Thorough consultation

For us it is important to understand your ideas, desires and objectives, so we can offer the best solution.

Customized offer

We will create customized offer, based on your needs, requirements and budget.


We will create modern design for your mobile application, considering all UI and UX trends.


We offer full support and upgrade for your mobile application.

Payment systems

We will integrate any payment system and online payment method you require.

Products import

We will upload your products from live feed, XML and JSON files.

Warehouse software

We give you an opportunity for easy and secure management of your ecommerce website.


Our products have no limits, we can upgrade them as much as you want.

The Evolution of Dreams team consists of specialists with long-standing experience in the development of modern, functional and secure ecommerce sites. We strive to answer your needs and requirements, so you can get the best final result.

We create the vision of your ecommerce site, considering your company identity, and the specification of your products.

Every website, mobile app and online store we create can be upgraded and developed, without limits.

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Does the business need an ecommerce store?


You will bring to life all your ideas and desires!


You'll expand the reach of your business!

New audiences

You’ll reach new audiences, anytime, anywhere.


You will be modern and competitive!


You'll expand your reach and reach new audiences!

For any business selling a variety of products, an online store is a way to expand the reach and reach new audiences.

Your own ecommerce site will give you the opportunity to sell your products anywhere, anytime. It will help you increase the number of sales and reach more users, fast and easy.

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